*** I’m not deleting this post even though more videos have been released by O’Keefe and my below opinions now look silly. Acorn is a terrible, terrible group; its SYSTEMIC & disturbing behavior has now been totally exposed, with the latest video of an Acorn guy stating he has connections to human trafficking through Mexico.  My point was not that I was defending Acorn but that, personally, I feel the video was somewhat unbelievable because a prostie never files a tax return. But NOW, with the latest videos, these losers should lose all of their funding! Ok here goes my original posting…

Filmmaker James O’Keefe and his friend Hannah Giles went undercover into Acorn, posed as a pimp and prostitute looking to evade the IRS and apply for an illegal housing loan for a brothel. Four ACORN workers in the Baltimore and Washington, D.C., offices appearing to offer their help.

As a criminal defense attorney, I have NEVER met a drug dealer, pimp or prostitute who desires to pay taxes and report to the IRS. The woman on the video who is accused of “helping” the pimp and prostitute is seen laughing at their idea because I’m sure she had never heard of such a thing either.

I couldn’t disagree more with those “legal experts” who say Acorn employees committed a serious offense. Everyone’s up-in-arms about Acorn’s alleged ballot fraud so they are doing stupid things, like this, to set them up.  And by the way, prostitution IS a profession! We should be happy the prosties are even filling out tax returns at all! Ha!

I personally am NOT a fan of Acorn but this is just silly.

Fox’s Judge Napolitano said charges such as these could occur:
• (a) commit prostitution • (b) operate a prostitution ring • (c) file false documents with taxing and other government authorities • (d) file false documents with a bank [also known as bank fraud]

The judge is stretching. The women weren’t even prostitutes and the employee didn’t do anything to engage in prostitution. She just gave them a damn form and joked with the couple. I really don’t think she cared that much to help them evade the law. It’s not like she sat with them and told them what to do line by line.

There’s no conspiracy here either. If someone tells another how to kill their wife or how to cook meth in the lab, that is NOT enough for a conspiracy! There must be a “secret AGREEMENT” between the parties. It’s not like the woman was telling the “couple” how to set up an LLC for a brothel. I mean, give me a break!

I thought the video was hilarious and more of a joke than anything. and

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