What Does an Illinois Governor’s Pardon Look Like?

Governor’s pardons can happen! Most Illinois felony convictions (besides Class 4 Possession of a Controlled Substance and Class 4 Prostitution), cannot be expunged or sealed. That means, your only option (besides the two exceptions above) is most likely that you need to seek a Governor’s pardon. My office prepares the petition and represents you before the Illinois Prisoner Review Board (the board that advises the Governor on clemency). Here is what a pardon looks like. If you are granted a pardon from the Governor, you will probably also be authorized to also seek expungement from a judge. (The Governor doesn’t have to authorize the subsequent clearing of the record but probably will — Governor Ryan did not authorize expungement, Governor Blagojevich did and so does Governor Quinn.) If you have additional questions, please call us at 312-981-1414.


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