What Does an Illinois Governor’s Pardon Look Like?

Governor’s pardons can happen! Most Illinois felony convictions (besides Class 4 Possession of a Controlled Substance and Class 4 Prostitution), cannot be expunged or sealed. That means, your only option (besides the two exceptions above) is most likely that you need to seek a Governor’s pardon. My office prepares the petition and represents you before the Illinois Prisoner Review Board (the board that advises the Governor on clemency). Here is what a pardon looks like. If you are granted a pardon from the Governor, you will probably also be authorized to also seek expungement from a judge. (The Governor doesn’t have to authorize the subsequent clearing of the record but probably will — Governor Ryan did not authorize expungement, Governor Blagojevich did and so does Governor Quinn.) If you have additional questions, please call us at 312-981-1414.


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3 Responses to "What Does an Illinois Governor’s Pardon Look Like?"

  1. Chris Rankin says:

    Are these pardons available to the victims of abortion in the minority community, especially those whose abortions were unsuccessful and were left in a hospital cleaning closet to die? What are the Reverend, and the other Reverend, and the third Reverend, and the Priest, (who honored themselves this past Friday) and the President doing to correct that? By condoning and promoting abortion, these ‘men’ qualify as racists and traitors to the community they claim to so valiantly ‘serve’!

  2. James Delorto says:

    Does a Pardon mean that a person granted a pardon can no longer be charged with the same crime? Thanks

  3. Barbara says:


    I have received a governor’s pardon in the state of Illinois. My cover letter instructs me to pursue the expungement order through the circuit courts, which courts are they referring to? Where are the courts located in Chicago?

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