TAMARA N. HOLDER, Attorney at Law
Twitter: @tamaraholder

FOX News Channel legal & political contributor

Illinois Attorney, focusing on pardon & clemency petitions (nationwide) 

Co-Founder Sports Court Media: sportscourtmedia.com (on Twitter @sportsctmedia)

Tamara Holder is the founder of The Law Firm of Tamara N. Holder, LLC & xpunged.com. Until her move to NYC in 2012, she worked as a criminal defense & civil rights attorney. Ms. Holder successfully defended the most serious of felony cases, from murder to possession of drugs. Additionally, Ms. Holder has expunged & sealed numerous cases & sought pardons from Governors Blagojevich and Quinn.

Tamara works as a political and legal Contributor on the FOX News Channel. She also continues to prepare and file Petitions for Pardon and Clemency throughout the country.

Tamara appreciates all communication. You may contact her via email: Tamara@sportscourtmedia.com