Twitter: @tamaraholder
Instagram: @tamara_holder

Recognized for her sharp, fearless commentary & fresh perspective, Tamara N. Holder is never afraid to speak her mind or make off-the-cuff remarks…all while having fun. 

  • Based in NYC, Tamara is legal & political analyst on FOX News Channel where she debates the most heated sports, political & legal stories. Tamara is also a frequent guest on radio shows across the country.
  • Tamara is a student of comedy and performs standup across the country.
    tamara ginger mastiff
  • Tamara was licensed to practice law in Illinois in 2005. The founder of xpunged.com, for over 10 years, she focused her practice on criminal defense and civil rights, but primarily on helping clients clear their criminal records through expungement, sealing, pardons and clemency. Tamara has received numerous awards for her pro bono work, including being named as one of “50 people who make Chicago a better place” by the Chicago Sun-Times in 2008.
  • A Colorado native, she is a diehard Denver Broncos fan, and snowboarder. She’s a graduate of the University of Arizona &  The John Marshall Law School. Tamara once owned two English Mastiffs, Ginger & Sammy, and hopes to one-day own the most lovable & loyal breed again.

Tamara appreciates all communication. You may contact her via email: Tamara@sportscourtmedia.com


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